Wearing a few hats

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

minister of interior

A manager looking internally at the team they are running can and should look for the shortcoming, the pains and the needs of the team, and try to help address them. It is easier said than done, as not always the team needs is within the hands of the manager. However, the manager must listen to the need. Sometimes, just listening really helps and people that feel heard are much more satisfied than people that feel avoided.

Minister of foreign affairs

The out looking hat that deals with the rest of the world can become the key to the success or the failure of a manager. The way a manager treats his external interfaces will be the way the world sees his performance, and by proxy, his team’s. Failing to manage your external interfaces will most likely be harmful to your team. However, it would be even worse for the organization. A failing manager is a threat to the growth and sustainability of the organization as a whole, depending of course on the level the manager is.

Focusing on the right hat

Since time is the most precious resource one has, it is crucial to choose which hat to spend your time on. Identifying when your priorities lie is the most basic thing to do before deciding where your focus should be. However, having your focus on one hat doesn’t mean you should drop your attention on the other hat. In order to identify the place your attention is needed you should ask yourself where would your attention will make the highest impact.

Photo by T_ushar on Pixabay



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