Measure, or it is not important

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The golden four

When Operating a service, there are four metrics, called the golden four that should be measured and monitored that represent the health of the service.

The golden four
Example of Disk I/O

Business metrics and measurements

Since a business exists to make revenue, we need to measure the funnel from a lead to income and from there to profit. I do not know if most businesses measure key elements of the performance of the business but most do look at sells and funnels. Here is an example of business metrics of a service.

Example of business metrics

The Customer view

Another angle that is important to measure is how your customer perceives the service. It might look to you the service is operating well, but your customer might feel otherwise.

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When you wanted to understand your business, you should collect metrics from three aspects, the customer view, your service infrastructure and the business goals metrics. Connecting the three sources will give you an holistic view of the performance of your services and product and will lead to better understanding of your business and where you should invest to be better.



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